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TelevisionHealthcare providers need to consider both language and the information needs of Hispanic patients when preparing educational materials for research studies, a new study showed.

The Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla., in an attempt to create a DVD to encourage Hispanics to participate in cancer clinical trials, surveyed a focus group of cancer survivors and came up with some significant conclusions.

The study found that language barriers and the cultural concept that doctors – and not patients – guide treatment decisions may account for low participation in research studies among Hispanics.

Using that information, researchers developed a DVD and printed materials designed to empower patients.

“We found that Hispanic patients who prefer information in Spanish had different informational needs and concerns than non-Hispanic patients,” said study lead author Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Ph.D., scientific director of the Survey Methods Core Facility and member of the Health Outcomes and Behavior Program at Moffitt.

“Keeping that in mind, we developed educational materials using a social marketing approach, which targets a specific audience instead of creating a generic product for everyone. This approach increases the chances a patient may relate to the material, making their behavior change more likely.”

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